Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Another fairly recent purchase from eBay were some part (poorly) painted GW wolves. There were quite a few of them and probably more than what I wanted. This is what happened to the excess. I was hoping I could take them apart and re-glue them. Sadly that was not to be. Whoever put them together must have used a whole bottle of superglue...per figure. They say the camera never lies but a wobbly hand and poor auto focus makes you doubt that.

Well they were cheap. I have others and they were planned for a one shot scenario and will have a different paint job. Someone I know had a few of them in a display case and I liked the look of them, I am such a kid looking into the sweet shop window. I am generally not a bog fan of GW and their current incarnation especially, Not that you would know it from a number of recent posts, but every now and again something comes along that fits my needs,

For repaints, they didn't turn out to badly. Especially as there were a few that I had over from the other canine project which is coming. I didn't spend much time on them. So cheap and cheerful all the way round. Not sure I'd like paying full price for these but as cheap stuff from eBay, They'll do nicely.
They are really for fantasy games with the Skyrimesque viking game being their main reason for painting these. I can also see them as being useful for some post apoaclyse stuff to.

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