Friday, 8 January 2016

Well It's Not That There s Nothing Going On

I have been doing something more than watching people paint figures on YouTube. Just not today.
I guess it is time I posted some actual painting. So here it is. Well some work in progress. I did a couple of test skelies before Christmas. I managed to get a load of second hand skellies over the last year. Some were definitely in better condition than others. Some, not these obviously, were pretty well painted but were white. I still have these somewhere on the bench but they are probably hidden under the junk. I hope to do a bit more work on them over the weekend.

I am still half tempted to get into Frostgrave and they have some use for that but I guess these are destined for fantasy RPG games. The idea is to get some dark age round shields and use thm for the Viking game.


  1. Replies
    1. Really? These are some the the most cheap ass, half done, repaints I have ever done. I almost feel embarrassed about putting them up.