Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Red Shiny Mechanoid Jaeger Riflebots of Vortis

I got these a while back. There are several manufacturers that do robot style infantry. I was after something that was kind of a cross of terminators, cylons, cybermen and a little of the robots from The Black Hole. It was a toss up between Mekanoid Jaeger Riflebots and the Sybots from Astro Miniatures. It would have been the ones from Astro if it had been easier to buy them.

When I got the minis I thought of the Red Shiny Robots of Vortis. The colour scheme was an easier choice then. If you haven't seen the TV series Hyperdrive, you have really missed out.

Now whilst I like the Red Shiny Robots of Vortis as a concept, I don't like shiny minis. They always look like someone couldn't be bothered to use matt varnish.

Jaeger Riflebots base-coated
A basic red. I just picked a colour I like which was ???????. I have gone off base coating I used the base colour for the mini as the base where I can. It saves a lot of time when you can do it. Base coats really affect the colour on smaller minis and the smaller you get the bigger the difference. If I was after minis that made people want to spend lots of money on them I probably would. As they are gaming minis they are going to get a cover of mat varnish which keeps the paint on without the need for a base coat.
Washed and pressed

They were washed with Baal Red. I have gotten into the habit of using Army Painter Quick Shade. In this case I felt that it would over power the red so I just stuck with the ink. 

Almost done
A few extra pieces for dressing. The hazard panel on the back was painted yellow and then I took a fine liner pen to make the hatch marks.

They were finally highlighted with some extremely cheap acrylic I have. It just brings out that little bit of extra colour. Based on washers rather than pennies or cents as they seem to over power the minis. The washers give enough stability. Still, M6 washers cost about 5p each so it makes sense to use pennies.

All i need to do now is spray them with some varnish and put some testure on the base.

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