Thursday, 12 April 2012


It's about time I posted something about zombies and today I have an excuse. Gaming fads come and go for me but zombies never die. I have spent many hours painting 28mm zombies. Although having taken to 15mm, I am switching over from 28mm. If we ever talk about running a game, I always suggest running a zombies game. George A Romero and the Walking Dead have a lot to answer for. My DVD collection has a separate section for zombie films which is probably the most heavily used.

I don't expect to be able to hold a candle to Vampifan's zombie output. This is one of my favourite blog sites and is worth a shameless plug.
Khurasan's Modern Zombies
Khurasan have released 20 new 15mm zombies and a range of survivors inspired by the walking dead. To be honest these are some outstanding looking minis. If they are anything like the Rebel Minis stuff that I have in terms of scale, then I will be very happy indeed.

It makes me want to drag out my copy of Ambush Z.

Twenty different poses in one bag is a great change. This far outstrips the competition. At $15.99 for the pack or £43.99 for three pack it is good value too.

There is a good variety of poses. I always thought zombie kids should be harder to hit as should crawling zombie which this pack has. It also has a fair proportion of female zombies. These are often missed out for some reason perculiar to American sensibilities I guess. All the minis have a great sense of character yet no so specific that you would notice duplicates on tabletop as long as they had a different paint job.

I sense an order coming on.

I review the survivors soon.

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