Sunday, 22 April 2012

War Hounds of Sirius - Not Vargr

Another reverential tip of the hat to Traveller. The old Citadel Vargr minis are now the War Hounds of Sirius from RAFM.

There are ten in the Warhounds pack a few more in the Support Staff from pack. At $5.95 for ten figure in the main pack and another two from the Support Staff pack they are not badly priced with eight different poses. Just about enough for the crew of a Vargr Corsair.
War Hounds of Sirius out of the blister
The set, short of basing is now just about finished. These to my mind are the nicest of the Traveller aliens and in some of the most animated poses of all of the range.

Work in progress
I picked a fairly neutral colour palette (for the most part). The fur I wanted keep to the same as regular dogs. Having chosen very bright colours for the Car Leonis and striking colours for the Dracos Warriors, I picked a earth tones and white, greys and black. There are a few brighter colours for contrast. I looked at the few colour pictures from my Traveller days for my inspiration for this.
first six Warhounds of Sirius
another six Warhounds of Sirius
For speed I used the fur colour as the base coat. This was later picked out in the paint job by using a mix of washes and highlighting.


  1. Classic figures and a very nice paintjob indeed. I just received 40+ of these but I plan to go a bit more colourful and use African Painted dogs as the colour reference.