Monday, 30 April 2012

even more new stuff fom rebel

Rebel seem to be going trough a phase of rounding out their ranges but adding a few packs here and there. Most recently it was the Kurgen reviewed here. Now it is the turn for the Earth Federation Drop Troopers. They now have a heay weapons pack with six figures in three poses. For $3.99 you get two snipers, two launchers and two autocannons. I like these figures. They have some of the vibe of space above and beyond which is a favourite of mine.

Earth Force Drop Infantry Heavy Weapons
Whilst not an expansion of a current range, the Vott. There are twenty one figures in six poses. Although bipedal, they don't fit into an easy pigeon hole. For $10.95 it is not a bad deal. I suspect that if they do end up being popular that this range will be extended too.
Vott Infantry

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