Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rebel Minis new Kurgen releases

Rebel Minis have updated their line again, this time to extend their range of Kurgen figures. One of the problems with a lot of SF ranges is that they are too small. Most people who buy minis do so to put an army together which is difficult if you only have four or five figures to work with. So the extension of the Kurgen line is a nice touch.
15mm Kurgen Infantry

The Kurgen make good humanoid aliens. The original pack of rifleman has some character to them. They have a certain cinematic influence in the heads at least making them ideal for a small elite mercenary company.

15mm Kurgen Command
The new figures are a command pack and a heavy weapons pack. Starting with the command team. There are six figures in three poses for $3.99. All three are armed with chunky pistols or smg like weapons. The poses like great and the one brandishing a pistol and shouting is particularly good.

15mm Kurgen heavy Weapons
The second new pack of heavy weapons is also a good investment. Again there are six figures in three poses for £3.99. There are two snipers, two auto-cannons and two medium missile launchers. The sniper is kneeling not lying down which is nice. Figures lying down need much bigger bases which I always feels ruins the aesthetic. I like the auto-cannon in particular.

All in all a nice job.

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