Monday, 16 April 2012

Khurasan Chewk Cavalry

Chewk cavalry? Cavalry?

This is  for an SF game? I guess that GZG have a couple of cavalry ranges. People have apparently asked for it. Human life in all it's requisite varieties I guess. The Chewk are a popular range and I am sure that any expansion to it would be welcome. Khurasan are good at making ranges broad enough to be useful for war gaming. An odd looking race. A kind of cross between Jawas and squid.

The Khurasan website has just shown a Chewk figure riding a creature that looks something like a giant flea with long legs. This is one of several minis planned.
Chewk riding a Munga
Now I am a little dubious about the idea but I like the mini. I had planned to do a Chewk army at some point and I like the Chewk as an idea for a race. They are a unique concept in any scale. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The riding beast is called a Munga. I like the creature and the model is up to the usual high standard. There is a nice background for them on Khurasan's blog. I wonder if he is going to sell the Munga as a separate blister.

Whilst they are designed as a hard SF race, I could see them in a post apocalyptic game I could also see them in some sort of Martian fantasy/SF crossover.

Goes to show that he listens to his customers.


  1. The fleas look funny!
    I'm not much in sci-fi, and even if I'd play I'd want to play humans myself, but that is a unique mount!

    1. I am guessing most people like to play humans. Most WW2 players like armies from their own country or some sort of elite Germans. Unless the rules favour something else. In England, if you are a football fan you either support your local team or Manchester United. The same sort of thing I guess. :-)