Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Walking not so Dead

The first time I read a comic in ten years was to read The Walking Dead. I am a bit of a zombie fanboy. Something to do the illicit watching of the Dawn of the Dead when I was fourteen I think. The original is still the best zombie film in my opinion. Although the competition for the best zombie TV series is a bit limited you can't argue with the ratings of The Walking Dead.

It has inspired people to run some zombie games and Khurasan to make some minis. Zombies as a genre are popular at the moment. I understand that the Zombie Hunters Guide from Osprey is their best selling book from traders at shows,

I reviewed the zombies a few days ago and thought I should move on to the survivors. The bag contains eleven figures in differnt poses for £8.99 which is pretty good value.

The walking alive/bait

If you wanted to play the game there are figures out there that with the right paint job would just about handle but would not be perfect. I had been thinking of doing some conversions one of which was a character with a crossbow. I don't have to do that one now.

There nice minis for all the main characters from the TV show. There is a nice Rick Grimes like character. I had to work out which is Shane as it is not quite as obvious but then he isn't wearing an obvious uniform. The Dale figure is great but lacks the signature hat. The Glenn character is nicely animated. I wont blind you with all the details but all the cast from series 1 that made it through are here.

Maybe it would be nice to have some of the other character. A Merle Dixon figure would be great and some more of the recurring cast members would also be welcome.

Rebel Minis is the biggest player in 15mm zombies so far. With the release of one pack, Khurasan has nearly caught up. Throwing the gauntlet down for Rebel to pick up.

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