Friday, 20 April 2012

Still working this out

I haven't been doing this for all that long. Just a couple of weeks and I am really starting to enjoy it.

I look at my Blog and the Blogs of others and see that some have much nicer toys. The form of some of them just feels better. It's not about template. It's something else. Blog envy? Perhaps.

If anyone has any suggestions that would help me out, please speak up. Constructive criticism and feedback would be appreciated.


  1. I think everyone's blog is better than mine, too, so I guess there is nothing wrong with you, haha. At least you got your own background picture :(

    Just add the "followers" tab, so people can follow your blog easier, and maybe hit counter tab, so you can see how you're growing popular.

    Fix your blogroll (where you have blogs of other people), check all the boxes so it shows pictures with the posts, it makes it easier for you to see who posted something new.

    Just few tips about the things I went trough when I started my blog few months back. Im fairly new, just as well.

    Oh and if you will zombie blog (or if you're just interested in the idea):

  2. I like my blog. It's better than some but not as good as others. I would like to make it the best I can. The background picture was just an idea I had sat in front of my work bench.

    I have added the followers tab. I have a few followers but none show up. I have seen this on a few other blogs as well.

    I was undecided about the counter. Performance anxiety I guess. I look at other blog counters and see big big numbers. I reconcile this with the fact that I have been doing this for less than a month and others have been doing this for years.

    Thanks for the advice. I listen