Friday, 20 April 2012

Get your Geek on 1

I have always been a bit uncertain about putting my inner nerd on display. If it's good enough for Wil Wheaton then it's good enough for me. I think that this is one of the reason I have got into blogging.

Every time a subject relating to my inner nerd comes up in someone else's conversation I always feel a little uneasy. How much to reveal? I work in a sector fairly unforgiving of weakness and I have always thought that this was a hard on me. I mean it's not like I am destroying the environment (much) or maiming small animals. Most of my mates are computer types so they don't know what I am talking about.

I am not the sort that goes to conventions. Maybe the odd wargames show but nothing much more than that. I had a chance to go to a zombie LARP last year and I bailed and I kind of regret that now. Perhaps I am a little too old to to change but maybe not. Nerd is the new black. Or something like that. When I go to gaming shops and even places like forbidden planet, I am starting to see women. I am not just talking the ageing overweight Goth types either. The sort who game because it is the only way to see their badly dressed and slightly malodorous other half. I haven't seen any tens yet but there are plenty of sixes and sevens and even an eight.

What am I trying to say here? Well the world is changing. For the better. Maybe it's shows like The Big Bang Theory in the US or The IT Crowd in the UK. Nerd is cool.

Make the most of it whilst it lasts :-)


  1. Well, its a technological advance that is rooted so deep in us, not being a macho isn't too bad. Don't worry, I still talk about the hobby just to guy on the net and now and then, when we meet, to people that also play. I feel bad if I have to talk to my gf about it. But I do, a man has to talk when a man has to talk, haha.

    And I agree, blog is great, just the people of your kind all around, hehehe.

  2. I am kinds of doing this for my own ego. That said, it is nice when other people get it.