Tuesday, 10 April 2012

In the beginning

Yet another blog about 15mm? Well....yes and no. I think I can put enough of a different pitch on this to keep your interest.

This mainly a blog about 15mm minis. Keeping a watch on what is going on out there what I am working on and games I am playing. I like modern, sci-fi, fantasy, zombies, various post apocalyptic scenarios, and WW2. I also make my own terrain and buildings. Any bits and pieces that come my way also intrigue me from time to time. I do other scales every now an again and I occasionally make forays into other eras. Napoleonic, English Civil War have been there in the last few years.

If I see anything that relates to core areas of my interest in mini gaming that don't involve minis I might give you the chance to take a look. I am thinking more along the lines of boardgames and computer games but if something comes along of interest, I will think about sharing it with you all. This stuff is the inspiration for a lot of what I do on tabletop anyway.

I used to go for the lager scales but I have settled on 15mm at the moment. Not for the reasons that I usually hear such is cost or size. I have always liked 15mm but until the last few years ranges have been limited in my areas of interest. The 15mm renaissance has put a stop to that. Flames of War got me painting 15mm again. Then the world went 15mm.

As a gamer I like the look of the game. Unlike a lot of others I am not wedded to it. Quantity (within reason) has a quality (also within reason) all of it's own. I am always trying to find a method to make things well cheaply and quickly. I realise that this is a bit of a Holy Grail and that I am not Tim the Enchanter but I can always hope.

I would love to change my job into something to do with the minis world. I do okay at painting but unless I could charge prices that would make Steve Dean blush I don't think I could make that happen. I have tried buying and selling stuff in the past. Whilst I have made money in the past, I would have to downsize a lot in order to make enough money. I even tried sculpting. Lets just say that would not be a viable career alternative. The current fave is to start some sort of online magazine. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be open to listening.

I am still playing around with the format but I am sure you will see it change and improve over the next few weeks.

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