Monday, 23 April 2012

Elder Things

One of the first reasons for considering buying 15mm was to run a modern horror RPG. The first time around I considered it I passed on the idea because there wasn't enough minis out there.  Not only is there enough to do a modern horror game but increasingly there is enough to do a 1930s horror game. Maybe Cthulhu is on again.

It seems that there are many micro ranges cropping up, one such is Eldritch Empires. 

Elder Thing
Lovecraft was very good at coming up with descriptions of truely alien beings. I think this does some justice to them. Looking at some of the mutants from the early fallout games and even things from the likes of Stalker, these might also work in a post apocalyptic games.

I don't think they are available yet but they are the first of a planned range of figures.


  1. I came from 15mm FOW to 28mm zeds because of all the character the 28mm figures have, I prefered that. Plus there are, to be honest, much more figures for 28mm out there :)

    1. I have always valued realism. I was running a game that involved a sniper and a HMG in 28mm. I realised that the sniper could effectively be 20m from the table and still stand a chance of hitting his target. I am not saying 15mm is vastly better but it helps. I look at the terrain that a lot of people use and it can be pretty limited in terms of quantity. It's easier to build and hold onto a range of 15mm buildings. Quantity has a quality all of it's own. :-)

  2. Thinking about it I have loads of 28mm zeds and survivors. 15mm seems to be growing fast. There are about 50 different minis out there now and plenty of survivors. There must be three hundred different zeds as well as two sets of kits. Never going to happen in 15mm. Pre made terrain is the only thing I am really short of. I have yet to find a rule set that needs more than fifty or so Zs but I would like to see one and that is where 15mm comes into it's own. What I miss about 28mm is the ability to convert and the availability of bits to convert minis with.