Wednesday, 11 April 2012

RAFM Car Leoinis figures

The first RPG to really catch my attention was Traveller. It's was ground breaking at the time. It's still the only game that I can think of that you can die in character creation. It is one of those games that has gotten by (by and large) over the years. I had aquired a few over the years but not enough to form the basis of what I wanted.

When I first got the 15mm buzz it was the memories of figures that were produced by a certain games company that may or may not have originated in Nottingham that first got my interest.

I went to eBay to try and fins some. When I had picked my jaw up off the floor I worked out that were often going for about £3 a figure, I put that idea out of my mind. Then RAFM got the moulds.

Then I got a boat load of them as a present from Swimbo. The first to get the treatment were the Car Leonis Warriors and some figures from the Support Staff pack all of which used to be the Aslan.

The impression I had from the few colour pictures was that they wore bright colours. They also seem to have the look of something like a cheetah with a lion's mane. I gave them a very bright colour palette for the clothing and a series of browns that gave a big cat feel.

Car Leonis make great RPG figures. They come in a nice variety of poses with a range of equipment. Felids from Khurasan make a nice substitute. If you were looking at putting together an Aslan mercenary company the Felids which look like they are combat armour or battledress might make a better bet. Whilst these would make a better bet for Tomorrow’s War they lack real RPG character.

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