Friday, 27 April 2012

Mecha, mecha everywhere

I have never been a big mecha combat fan. Battletech largely passed me by when it came out and don't get me started on adeptus titanicus. I think what put me off was that a lot of them looked fairly absurd. This is a review of what is out there. I may well amend this with a few more models as time goes by.

It seems that there is a fair bit of interest in mechs in 15mm at the moment. GZG released some for Salute. Big mechs that look like the mean business. A fair range of parts that can be played about with to get what you want. I can't put a link in here because they are not formally on sale although there are some details on the GZG website.
GZG mecha

Critical Mass have had a few mecha out for a while. This one is the Combat Support Walker. This was has the feel of the AT-ST from Star Wars. Somehow it lacks the vibe of the GZG suit which seems to have the combat walker vibe but hey I am no fan of the Battletech style which this seems to have.
Critical Mass combat support walker.
PA 3 Python Combat Armour
The most recently released of the three and a bit smaller than the others is from Khurasan. It's closer to the mech from Avatar than the full battlemech. A nice mini with a lot of choice to make up variety of poses. It reminds me of the first dreadnaught armour that GW produced during the 1980s but with a lot more attention to detail.

Rebel Minis have been producing small scale mech for a while. I look at them and think that they are a manned version of ED-209. I have seen some of these in the flesh and they are pretty good minis.

Rebel Minis Viper walkers
I am still not convinced that mecha/walkers are something I want to game although the GZG models and maybe the Khurasan combar armour may get some interest from me. These do seem to be the latest thing so expect to see some more of them on the web and on a tabletop near you soon.

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