Friday, 13 April 2012

Men in parkas and rednecks

Khurasan have published details of some more figures I thought people might be interested in. Firstly there are two packs of Armed Men in Parkas. The first pack has six different poses all armed with hunting rifles, shown below.
Armed men in parkas
The second pack has just three models, a leader, a man with a M249 (I think) and finally man with a flame thrower who could double for MacReady. I think Crooked Dice are looking at doing something using figures like this in one of their 7TV games.

More armed men in parkas
These make great modern and post apocalyptic figures and I could see some SF use for them as well.

Redneck welcoming committee

Here is the first of two sets of rednecks, the Redneck Welcoming Committee. Lovely looking figures and the kind of stuff GZG used to do in 25mm.

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