Monday, 21 May 2018

A Change in Circumstances

Well this was my workbench. As you can see it's pretty much empty. It's probably well on its way to being fibreboard now as it went into a recycling bin yesterday. Whilst I have never been the biggest fan of this set up it is a steller leapahead from what I have at the moment (which is pretty much nothing at all).

This is one of the casualties of my current situation and it is that situation that explains the six weeks since my last post. My relationship has broken down and this is the reason I have just moved house. The place I am in is much smaller, in a fairly mediocre area and my tenure here is somewhat tenuous.

Alongside the loss of my relationship and the loss of my home, I am going to have to significantly downgrade my car, I am losing my dog and may well lose my job and regardless of what happens my income has dropped significantly. I am currently living in a world of boxes and things on a creative front are not looking outstanding either.

Although I am not altogether enamoured about all of the details of my current situation there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Quite a bright light in fact. So whilst things are not all going my way I am pretty from being down for the count. There are a few plans afoot and I have a good feeling that any day now things are going to really go my way.