Monday, 11 August 2014

Looks Like The Move Is On

Nagging! I have had enough of being nagged. Even though the move is a long way off I am getting nagged to start boxing stuff up and most importantly labeling it. I am pretty much against this as the last time we moved, nearly all of my worldly goods were boxed up for three months before we moved. I ended up getting my paints ut and sitting at the dining table for about three weeks.

Today I have been told to label stuff up where I want it to go when we move. As an example I did this....

Some People have no sense of humour.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Good News

Well, I have a laptop again. Thanks dad. I have money in the bank but my other half has forbid me from using it before we move which might be a couple of months yet. The thought of having no laptop for months after someone in the house breaking it and not owning up has been doing my head in.

So I have two projects on the horizon. The first is some weird war 2 as an RPG. There is some savage worlds stuff that I am using a place to start. I have got some British Paras from Warlord. These are set to be the core of the players and their team. I got a good deal on some Warlord minis. On the downside the big box was half empty but but the shop and Warlord treated me very well. They even threw in some extra transfers. I guess I have a few bits that are not going to be much  use. I might have to take up Bolt Action or I may just sell them. I will have to get a few more and of course some more to put them up against. Artizan are looking good for some PC types and maybe some enemies but I alsolike the idea of guards from Wargames Foundry. The game will be more like the beginning of Hellboy than massive metal battle armour.

I am also looking at a new work bench for when I move. This is probably going to be something that can be hidden away so I am thinking a bureau/writing desk/roll top desk. I am hoping to find something cheap on eBay. As I am already starting to pack stuff up, this might be something I can do on the side.

The packing process has made me think about all the half started projects that I have started. I am hoping that I will be able to do something about that soon. You never know, I may even gets some pictures.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

End Of The Beginning

I watched a lot of the coverage of the start of World War One. Instead of the usual images of going over the top there was a lot about the men themselves. The shows seemed to talked about the men rather than the war. It was about celebrating them not the costly victory four years later. I am old enough to have met a few of the survivors. From what I am told about them they almost never spoke about the war. Those that did never spoke about the trenches. My family has two death plaques. These were for men I could have and should have known.

I am a wargamer but I aim to learn from it not to glorify it. As David Drake said “The use of force is always an answer to problems...[It] isn't an attractive answer, though.” I am sure the men on the Somme felt the same and I am sure the residents on either side of the Gaza border or in the Ukraine feel the same now.