Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Yellow Magic User

I haven't managed to get much painting done in the last weeks because I have done my back in. There are currently more packets of pills on my work bench than figures. The only chair I am comfortable in is the chair I normally use to paint in. Trouble is as soon as I get into a position that I can paint in, my back starts hurting. Whilst I don't have much to paint I do have some stuff that I have already painted that I have yet to post.
I was working on some Viking berserkers and in between I was also tinkering with some more magic users types. They are sat there gathering dust at the moment. I have also manager to distress some larger 28mm vehicles which I plan to use for my version of scavenger skirmish survive when I get round to it.

So I thought I'd post this guy. It's another one for the Skyrimesque game. He is currently sat in a foam tray. The colour is a bit unusual but seems to have worked.