Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Eureka Seem to be Releasing Some Modern Russians

Having moved into 15mm one of things I started playing was Force on Force. There is no shortage of American, Arabs and Africans, but people seem to have forgotten to cold war and even the CIS' current forces. Spetznaz are done by Rebel and QRF who also do a small range of Russians in highly specialised units with only a few variants. The figures are okay but I have always found QRF to be closer to 18mm than 15 and tend to dwarf most 15mm products. 

Eureka have produced a range of 15mm Russian through their 300 club arrangements. I've not physically seen any of the 15mm stuff but their 25/28mm modern stuff and their zombies are very nice.

The range is quite broad, about thirty minis with a variety of headgear. I know they have been on the go for a while and they are not on the website yet.

Have a look at Wargaming with Barks for a review. I don't see the point in rehashing something someone has already done :-)

In general, choices in 15mm are a bit limited. Peter Pig do some nice minis for their AK47 game. There is a huge range of generic minis but only a few would really look like Russians. Their modern range of nationalities is limited to Americans, Israeli and French Foreign Legion (have they seen any action since Vietnam?). Rebel do nice ranges of Americans and Chinese with British and German special forces. These figures are very playable. QRF do several ranges but they can't hold a candle to the stuff from Rebel. One thing I will say about QRF, their vehicles are pretty much perfect. I had
a look around and can't

Put it another way. We need more modern 15mm modern figures and some Brits would be nice.

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