Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Khurasan release the M2189 Caiman APC

I have always been a big fan of Alien and Aliens. Alongside Star Wars, these films have probably have had the biggest impact on my tastes in tabletop and computer gaming and in my reading and viewing choices. 

Khurasan has released M2189 Caiman APC the latest addition to the range of figures that almost fit the Alien/s universe. It is almost straight out of the Colonial Marines Technical Manual. The first thought was wow. I think this was linked to the Polecat released a few weeks ago.
Khurasan M2189 Caiman APC

They are $15.99 each which initially I thought was a little expensive. A good look at the images made me change my mind as there is a lot of work in there. It's not a close enough copy to lead to any copyright infringement but I can imagine that when it's on a table you would be hard pressed to tell any significant difference.

I have been looking at The Khursan site for a long time contemplating what to order. The Exterminator range is a great set of figures which make a really good choice for Tomorrow’s War and made me finally place an order.

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