Friday, 13 April 2012

New Releases From Ground Zero Games

GZG have been feeding their fans again and have some new 15mm infantry releases. There are two new releases for the NAC and there are two new releases are I am told one of the most popular ranges for 15mm SF. Speaking for myself I have more NAC figures (well over 100) than I do of any other type. As the range has increased I have built up my collection.

The first pack is medics with wounded . The pack contains ten figures four of which are mounted as pairs. There is a marine helping a wounded marine, a casualty sat up, a medic attending to them and a separate standing medic. I am not sure how I would use the double mounted figures but they have objective marker all over them. The medics will make a useful character type for NAC in Tomorrow’s War and I always like casualty figures to represent wounded and dead on the board.

In the NAC casualties pack there are nine figures in a total of three poses for the casualty figures which the blurb said will be supplied randomly. These look fairly well posed and like the wounded figure in the first pack would be great for Tomorrow’s War and even in the venerable Stargrunt II which is still a favourite of mine.

My only complaint about the 15mm range is that it does favour the NAC in a big way. Whilst I like the NAC, I would have preferred to buy the NSL and have had a 25mm NSL for a very long time. The UN and the New Israelis have nice powered armour (still want to call it battle dress) but the NSL have really nice un-powered combat armour. The NSL power armour is what sold the rest of the infantry to me but with only two pack of regular infantry and one pack of power armour, I will wait and see what comes.

In the Civilians, Colonists, Cops, etc range the have released more figures in light duty vac suits, called Survey Team in Vac Suits. The pack has eight figures in four poses. These include standing with vision enhancer, standing with datapad, kneeling with datapad, kneeling with open equipment box.

These are nice figures and match well with the existing vac suited figures. These round out the armed and unarmed figures nicely. I got them for their role playing appeal. They look a lot higher tech than the suits from RAFM and would fit into most space opera style games.

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