Sunday, 6 October 2013

Just Made Myself A Liar

Something has got me going. Think it must be the Zomtober thing but it's probably just self imposed guilt from not posting enough lately. Not sure ice zombies count for Zomtober. I've mention the not really Viking not really Skyrim a few times. One of the things I need is monsters. Plagiarism (no really it's research) makes up a lot of what I do.

So... I wanted something that was vaguely undead, blue skinned (almost Norse I think) and like the things from North of the wall in Game of Thrones. This is the first test. The figure has red eyes but they really don't show up too well. It's my first try out with shield transfers and I am not all that impressed. Better than painting, I guess. I think the figure is Gripping Beast. there is no weapon as I am a little short on weapons and equipment at the moment,

What do people think?

I plan to try something that looks a little more ice like or just a series of shades of blue. Not quite ice golems not maybe not unlike them. I had them pegged as something not unlike the statues created by the White Queen in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe but ice rather than stone.
Any suggestions?


  1. I would consider that a zombie. It's a dead guy, who is still walking around like a regular guy.

    I think it's a cool idea (no pun intended)

    1. I think the stuff from "North of the wall" in game of Thrones is nicely enigmatic. It seems like Skyrim without being Skyrim.

  2. What a great idea as for the paint job not sure what more you could do other than a light dry brushing with white. For the base you could take some bits of perspex and rough them up with sand paper (a tic tac box broken up would do the job) and use them to represent a broken ice flow.

    1. I tried some very light blue dry brush paint from GW. I wanted it to look colder than blue and stick out from the base (when the texture eventually goes on). I will try the tic tac box things. Sounds like a cool idea.