Monday, 14 October 2013

Evil Magic User

A really quick post today as I have a lot to do, not least of which is my Zomtober offering. It's an evil magic user. As I got him on eBay I am not sure who made him originally although if anyone knows it would be great to find out. I don't like the snake at all, it turned out much less vibrant that I was expecting. . It's okay but not my best work. I haven't figured out a role for him in the game yet but I am sure that will come but I sense something to do with zombies. Looking at it again I think he needs darker eyebrows. Believe it or not they are there but the same colour as his hair. They are noticeable by their absence.


  1. What a fabulous looking miniature.

    1. You sound like my mother. I see nothing but the flaws. I guess I am my own worst critic.

  2. He looks great looks familiar but I can't place him