Thursday, 8 February 2018

This Should probably Be The End Of The Week Post

I know it's only Thursday but as far as gaming goes this is the end of the week. From here on in it's all about drinking and thinking about the good old days. I am away for a long weekend. Fortunately I will be driving down south with an old friend so the journey should be as much fun as the destination.

A whole load of kack has managed to get in my way during the week. It is fair to say that I am far from a happy boy at the moment but there is plenty of light on the horizon so maybe things are not as bad as they might appear so of the time. Whatever happens it looks like there are changes afoot for me which whilst not great mean I might be back in the real world.

So I have managed to get back into an RPG game this week which looks good to me. Not my preferred game but enjoyable nonetheless. Maybe this means that I can get back into gaming a bit more.

The health thing is doing ok. I have done a little bit of running this week and kept up with the walking. Not sure how much of that I will manage over the next few days but I remain hopeful.

The only low point is the painting, With the cat being ill it has still proven the best option to let sleeping cats lie (on my chair) if only to keep the damn thing quiet. She did manage to get out tonight and brought us a mouse (a fairly large one) as a gift. Once we had rescued it and let in go again the cat was back to her usual narky self.

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