Thursday, 15 February 2018


I sat down to do some painting this afternoon with the intention and the time to finish off what I have been doing this week. Then the dog came in.

Whilst I love my dog, today I am ready to kill her. Every time I closed the door she opened it. Not too bad really part from the fact that with the door open it channels a bone chilling breeze into my work bench. She did this ten times in the course of fifteen minutes.

Then the dog wanted to play. This started with the dog knocking two figures on the floor with her tail. We call her tale "the whip" in my house. I picked them up just in time for her to knock another two on the floor. These two broke. In a way it's my own fault for not putting them at the back of the bench but then I can't easily reach them.

So I took it on the chin and glued them back together. Just as I put the second figure down the dog does it again knocking both arms of the figure. So I gave up. Something was telling me today is not the day to paint.

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