Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Time For A Quick One

A busy day that is now almost over. I could really do with some sleep round about now but I am determined to keep up with the blogging, at least for a bit.

There has been a little bit of time for painting today. There would have been more but I have almost beaten my personal best steps goal and got pretty close to my highest ever calorie burn. So along with the painting, I am pretty impressed with myself.
 I have two projects on the go that I expect to complete this week for a total of twenty figures. The cultists, that seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time to complete, are pretty close to being finished. The are a couple of colours of ink to go on before I can do the highlighting. Whilst I am feeling a little demotivated around them, they are going to get done this week.
The other twelve are the Macrocosm ticks I started here. I am perhaps a little happier with these although they are literally at the three colour minimum mark at the moment. Although these look pretty easy, there will be a fair amount of highlighting to do on them although they do look pretty good at tabletop distances.

Definitely ready for bed now.

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