Sunday, 11 February 2018

Really The End Of The Week Post

Just a quick post as it is getting late and I am tired after a long and busy weekend. Since getting back I have had about an hour to devote to painting. Whilst this is not enough time to finish it was enough time to make some progress.
Kind of nearer to being finished than the last time I took a picture
I have added a few colours of paint to the figures and there is still a bit  more to do on this front. On top of that I have given the bases a bit of colour and even done the first coat of black trim to the bases. These should be finished easily this week and hopefully a bit of work should be done on the remaining space dwarves and these should hopefully be finished.

Over the weekend I have managed to have several games of Splendour. This is a game I love because it is simple yet it has a number of tactical options. My opponent has taken it upon themselves to download a digital version of the game in order that they may practice their skills in the hope that they can consistently beat me. This might be a bit too much hubris on their part. They may think they can win but I also have a digital copy of the game to practice on as well. Now I am left to wonder how this will play out.

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