Sunday, 18 February 2018

End Of The Week - Back On Track

For the first time this year I think I am on track with my goal of painting five figures per week. I think I am now actually three figures ahead of my overall weekly goal. Whilst I know five figures a week is not actually that big of a target, I know that on average I can actually meet that and on a good week maybe I can do a little better.

So this week I have added some finishing touches to the chaos cultists I started last week. Whilst they were quiet close to getting done, they do look better for the extra few bits of work I put in.

The Macrocosm Ticks are also finished. Although I have a dozen of them, I quite fancy some more. They make for a nice alien species if fairly deadly looking and I like the way I have done them with vaguely human skin tones and eye colours. These were easy to paint which is why I got a dozen of them done.

Next week's figure painting regimen is still up for debate. I have at the moment no firm ideas. I got these guys the other day. As mimics they generally don't fit in with what I do (I hate D&D) but I thought they would make a nice addition to the collection as the collection as I don't have anything quite like them. Maybe they would do as a construct.

If I don't do these I have half a dozen space dwarves to paint although they need a bit of prep before I can start. Also I have some old grenadier soldier types to paint. These are ready to go and I have already done some work on them so they probably a more realistic project for the week. Of course I might just do something else.

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