Friday, 2 February 2018

A Fairly Feeble Excuse For Not Painting Figures

This is my cat. She has been in the wars a bit lately and has developed epilepsy and is now on twice daily treatment for it. Whilst she is a little distressed at the best of times she is now not allowed out of the house just in case she has a fit. So she is now quite distressed most of the time and when distress the meows. Loudly and repeatedly. On and on, hour after hour. It's well after 1am and she is still going.
The only time she is quiet is when she is asleep. The only place she currently seems to find some peace is on my work chair. Whilst I have had a few hours today where I could have done something she has been sat on the chair most of the day.

So you see my dilema. Let sleeping cats lie or wake her up and suffer death my meow meow.


  1. Get a second chair and work side by side?

    1. I wish there was enough space for that. Space is really at a premium although maybe I have been spoilt in other places that I have lived.