Friday, 11 October 2013

Busy Morning

I have spent a hour or so this morning painting. I might have had a bit more time if I hadn't been eaten alive by a puppy. I now have so many scratches on my hands that I a few more will make it difficult to type let alone paint. I look like I've been rolling around in bracken. I've just added a few touches to a figure that has been annoyingly incomplete (paint job wise at least). More Skyrim/Norse/Arthurian/Dark Age stuff. I think my faces are definitely getting better. I still need to develop a bit more shading. then of course there is my basing skills which need way more practice.
I'm never sure about posting products from a certain company Nottingham way. these two statues have been sat on my desk since July and I have just found them under a pile of other stuff. They kind of fit the Skyrim middle age apocalypse vibe. This was a very easy paint job. the stone grey is actually just primer and the green is some cheap emulsion paint. A little bit of ink wash and some highlighting and here we are. Not the best piece of craftsmanship I have ever done but quick and easy.
Finally, the biting, whining, widdling and pooping puppy. I want to see if the picture has the same effect as kittens do on my other half.

I am feeling a bit more back in the grove even though I don't seem to be doing too much. Hopefully my enthusiasm will continue.


  1. Nice work the guys face is great. Aww I can still remember how sharp the teeth where on my two!

    1. The breeder told me about using tetra pack boxes as chew toys. I have seen her destroy a few milk cartons so far.