Monday, 31 March 2014

I've Found My Painting Gear Again

My other half had hidden all my painting gear. Having put them in the linen basket, I was surprised when they weren't they. My other half thought that she had done me a favour by putting them in the wash. after two weeks of looking they appeared in somewhere that I had been told they weren't.

Life is going through one of those busy phases. this is a shame as I have the urge to do stuff but not the time. Even my posting has dropped off a little. So I thought I should get something online before the month is out. I am starting in a new RPG this week. I've played this guys games in the past so I will expect the French and possibly the Germans to get it in the neck. This game is 2300, a game in whch the French are mre of the bad guys than the Chinese or Russians. The other was Space 1889. Which is a great game made easy by racial stereotyping.

I have been taking pictures of the dog. So I thought I would post a picture of Leelu in the hope that my other half will miss what I said earlier. She is a Hungarian Vizla, don't ask, I hadn't heard of them either. She is not a dachshund with long legs. She is a little bit ginger but I don't hold it against her.

I was bidding on a few laser cutters last week but they got beyond what I wanted to pay for something that was second hand. The price was getting on to what people are asking for some of the imports. I am still trying to find out how easy it is to get spares for them.

Anyway, I hope I'll post a bit more in the next week. I doubt I will get to the post a day, but we will see how I do.


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    1. Leelu is gorgeous. So far the running total for the damage Leelu has done is not far of what it cost to buy her. Bedding mats alone have cost over £100. I love the dog but might be needing a kennel soon :)