Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Army Of The Dead Pt 2

Not as slow a day as yesterday. I was hoping to go boarding gaming tonight, but it seems not to be. I have now finished, yes that's actually finished six of the Army of the Dead figures I have. Well apart from the spray varnish. I gave the original two I painted a bit ore TLC and then painted the other four in kind. To get the effect right I  had to get out my home made wet palette to get the early coats wet enough to work into the corners easily. I think I decided when I looked at them again this morning that the rust colour was just too much and the green was too green as well. They also lacked the ethereal glow I had seen elsewhere. So some dry brushing of the whole figure gave me something extremely close to what I wanted.

Hopefully enough to put the wind up the players when they get put on the table. I know what is coming. They won't like it. I suspect that they will persuade the players that hanging around is a bad idea.

I was quite happy with the way they turned out in the end. Still only another six to go. If you are wondering what the pile of paints are at the bottom of the post are for, the simple answer is that it will hopefully remind me how to paint the rest of the figures when I get round to it. 


  1. Look terrific, very ghostly. Can;'t follow without joining google pleus

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm not a big fan of google myself but Google plus has helped me with my blog.