Friday, 7 March 2014

Gobal Whining

I realise that I am currently contributing to the phenomenon I call global whining a lot. Global whining is getting to be a major problem in this world and maybe, like me, you need to consider your whining foot print to. But after getter my phone back fully charged, it's still not charging so I have to spend another day sorting it out. I did have a chance to take some pictures though.

I got these done very quickly. I seemed to spend a lot of time painting them black at the start which kind of decries from what I was saying a few days ago. As they are largely chain mail, this made them fairly easy to paint. I have run out of glue so haven't been able to put the shield on. Another thirty minutes work for the bases and shield should see them done.

My productivity at the moment seems to be remaining high and I have a real urge to paint at the moment. Trouble is I want to paint zombies not dark age stuff.


  1. Look good so far. Go paint some zeds!

    1. Cheers. Have been out and got some more paints that look the part for Romero style zombies and I have some time today.