Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spriggans Or Ents Or Dryads

I have my phone back and my computer seems to be working just that little bit better than it was. I am still not feeling to good though. I have managed to achieve a number or personal bests in the biological processes front. I won't go into too many details but the morning saw me breaking personal bests in the longest and loudest departments of a couple of bodily processes. Still, the real world, well the figure painting world, beckons.

Now that I can take some pictures, I thought I should post some recent work. I wanted some bad guys for the upcoming Viking game I'm running soon. This was an eBay impulse purchase but it seems to have worked out okay. I know of want some more now. I know that there is another design since these came out so I might get some of them instead.

This was perhaps the quickest project I have undertaken in recent months. Five models all done, including the basing in under about three hours. I guess that is down to the fact that these have a simple paint scheme.
Only about six colours in total. They still need to be varnished just o get rid of that last bit of shine which is especially noticeable on the base. I need to put some thought into how they are going to work on the tabletop. The players will obviously need some sort of challenge when they start fighting. Oh what japes there will be. This is where I should laughing manically.


  1. Great to hear things are getting back to normal - sadly if not the health. These look great!

    1. Cheers. I like it when I actually get to finish stuff. And my last boss said I wasn't a completer-finisher.