Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nothing To See Here

This may be a bit of a stream of consciousness post.

The dog managed to pole-axe me before. After I had fed her and took her for a walk obviously. So I am still feeling the after effects. I am staying away from the dog for the time being who is now too tired to come out of her crate.

Today has not been much of a day for painting. I have done some drilling and pinning. Some of the Army of the Dead figures had massive spears. It would require two slots in the storage trays to accommodate them. So I  got rid of the spears and replaced them with two handed axes. I'll post some pictures. I've tarted some stuff up on them a bit and I guess they are ready for painting. I have also pinned a few other figures for basing but need to glue them down.

I have had a lot of paints either dry up on me or just run out. I still own ans use GW paint that is older than a lot of the staff at most shops. If I was to work out exactly what the figure was, I am sure I would discover that it was higher than the typical IQ of a certain high street games company. Still some of my most used colours have gone. Not just the festering green but also the olde GW sepia ink which is far superior to the new one. I will miss warlock purple and ultramarine blue to. I had a few spares and found that I have been able to fill in a couple of gaps. My paint collection still seems to be increasing.                             

No dogs were harmed whilst writing this post, no matter how much I wanted to.

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