Saturday, 1 March 2014

A New Month

Last month was a good month for the blog. I got just over 5000 hits which is a record. I am hoping that I can do the same but I am not sure that I'll have as much time this month. My life is famine and feast at the moment. That said, there is a lot of stuff on the cards that I might just enjoy. It was also a good month for me as a gamer. Despite weakening and ordering some stuff from Heresy, my lead pile has decreased. What is even better than that is that some of the lead has been sat around for a number of years. I managed to get some repaints and tart ups of figures I had already done. They are far from up to standard but I feel a lot better about letting them out on tabletop.

I have been frothing abut Copplestone since I started doing the zombies again and dug up a few that had been started and played about with them a bit more. The one the third form the right definitely needs his eyes redoing. These should be finished quite soon.
The basing bash went well. I hate basing but what I have done, although time consuming, was a lot easier than I was expecting. Whilst it was not the best basing I have ever done,  it was pretty good. It will do very nicely for tabletop and is robust enough to handle players and their grubby clumsy little fingers as long as they don't start juggling (you know who you are, Paddington Bear stare). I keep thinking that 15mm stuff is all but indestructible and too small to juggle with but I have had people try.
I got some freebies from Duncan for the Viking game. You have to love freebies and anything I can get hold off is always welcome. I now have another five figures which will make a great team of bad guys. Thanks Duncan.
I think the best thing about last  month was the rekindling of my love of zombies and post apocalypse. This is in part down to Andy's game and the return of The Walking Dead which I am really loving. It has been a real inspiration and has got me reading some old  Zombie rule sets again.
I have dragged out a lot of the old stuff and working on these at the moment. These are very work in progress at the moment. I seem to be using a lot of green last month. I like the mutants which seem a little Resident Evil to me which is something else I really love.

Once the Viking game is done, I suspect that I will be doing a bit more of this. That is assuming that X-Com does not get in the way. I suspect that a lot of what post apocalypse and X-Com are can be duplicated.
Whist the figures are small they have a lot of detail, maybe too much in this case. I have found that this makes them very easy to paint. Once the ink hits them, the Tengu figures soaks it up in all the right places making them a pleasure to paint. If you are anything like me, not interested in perfection but like a nice quality tabletop standard model, Tengu do some really nice stuff.
I have some zombies from Tengu and Hasslefree here. They are nice. I was a bit disappointed when I got them because they are a little on the small side but I justify that by saying that not all people are the same build. They are very nice though so can't be all bad.
What does March have in store? There will be some zombies but I can't help but think that the Viking game is only about ten weeks away.

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  1. Great month indeed. Although zombies don't factor a big part at the moment I'm all fired up for PA Gaming with the Across the Dead Earth Kickstarter launched and have dug through my own leadpile and got some Copplestone Castings Scavengers out to work on. Got to admit Copplestone stuff is great and I'm sure the will factor into my other games. Any way shall look forward to seeing the zombies being worked on and especially those Copplestone figs!