Friday, 28 February 2014

You've Come A Long Way Baby

What A Difference 30 Years Makes. At least to my painting skills. Having made it to the end of the month with a post every day and a few more  besides, I think I am quite happy with my month.

I am a little all over the place with what I am painting at the moment. I don't seem to be able to focus on any one thing at the moment and i keep going down different blind alleys. Whilst I was going through some old figures the other day, I found this very old dwarf barbarian. I call it nostalgia but I am sure my dad would have a different term for it.

This is the artistic version of opening a window into my soul.

This is an old (very old) Citadel one. It would be class as some sort of giat or troll slayer now but I think this was the first time figures like this were produced. I got it at a shop in Chester which is long since gone. It is not amongst the oldest figures I own but it is one I got during the mid eighties so it is now getting on a bit.

This is probably one of the last figures I ever painted using enamel paints.  I remember thinking at the time what a good job I had done and even showed it to my parents who were suitably proud of me. We are all a little short sighted in my family and 30 megapixel cameras have a habit of revealing all the flaws including my lack of painting talent in my mid teens.

So I decided to repaint it and this is the end result. I have learned a few tips and tricks since then which will hopefully do this figure the justice it deserves. I think I have improved over the years. Although I think it looks better in the flesh. I am not so sure that I have come all that far but I think I'm doing okay. He should do as a dwarf Barbarian that will fit in with the dwarves I have done for the Skyrim game.

What do you think?

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  1. That is really cool. I always loved toy soldiers and there was a shop on holiday in Cornwall that used to have loads of pewter looking dwarves we'd only ever go past the shop on evening walks and it was always shut then. But I always used to drool up the window at these strange creatures with beards and axes :)