Thursday, 20 February 2014

Zombies Again

I am not running a game on a Monday night at the moment so I have joined a Savage Worlds zombie game run by Andy. I had a lot of fun playing an extremely grumpy US Air Force  Master Sergeant who is especially naffed off that he is not about to enjoy his retirement. It being a zombie game, there were a lot of them, wave after wave. I still have some ammo left but I would really like some more.
I have someone in mind when I am playing my character. Think I might have to tone him down or I'll get lynched.

I am feeling a little better today so I might just get some painting done today. I would hate to miss my objective. That said, I am feeling the urge to touch up some of the zombies I painted years ago ans use them in Andy's zombie game.

I don't know who made all of the minis but a lot of them look like Copplestone to me.


  1. Awesome can't beat a bit of Zombie bashing to pass the time away. Copplestone do make some great figs.

  2. Cheers. I had a good time the other day. Savage Worlds makes a half decent zombie rule set. I have started working n touching up some older zombies.