Thursday, 13 February 2014


I am a lot less frothy than I used to be. That said there are a few things that still get me going and one of them is anything to do with X-Com. It is one of those games that in fairness isn't on my mind 24-7 but is always lurking in the background. So when I see something X-Com related I have a slight jerk of the knee and do a passing impression of someone suffering from late stage rabies. I have just had such a moment.

Brother Vinni produces a lot of very nice Fallout stuff which is always catching my eye. If I hadn't been going  down the 15mm route at the time and I had a spare hundred to spend on ten minis, I would have got his stuff.  That said, this might well be worth shelling out for as it is exactly what I want.  My game calls for four of them. This amounts to €40.00 or a little under £33.00 which seems pricey as a lot of minis from Europe seem to do. That said, they are perfect an it beats the poop out of putting them together myself.

Oh I feel a bit faint. I think it has something to do with the change of air pressure as I have just opened my wallet.

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