Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bonus Post - Basing Bash

Well the painting continues. I am still a little too woozy to do anything too detailed so I thought what the hell, I have been planning on doing the basing anyway. I was hoping to "touch up" a few more zombies, if that is the right phrase. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow so I can do a bit of work on them. In the meantime, the basing bash continues.
The basing bash continues.
The process is quite simple. PVA glue followed by some fine sand. This is left to dry for about a day or maybe a bit less. Most of the colour on the bases is emulsion paint. In the UK, Wilkinsons seem to do the best colours for my purposes. As these are fantasy figures I used mainly brown and green. there are a few bad guys n grey painted bases. I also had some sandy coloured GW basing texture I wanted to use up before it went off completely. Then I added a few dabs of green to give the look of small plants. I will move on and dry brush and maybe add some inks. I may even add a bit of static grass if my enthusiast continue. 

Most of these are destined fr my Viking/Skyrim Savage World RPG game although there are a lot of generic fantasy figures in here. I may even take up Saga at this rate.

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  1. Sweet I do mine pretty much the same way. Get enough figures ready to be worked on then do a massive load in one go :)