Thursday, 6 February 2014

More Of Rory's Story Cubes

I didn't get much of a chance to do much painting or take any pictures yesterday so I thought I would try and show you where some of my money had gone recently. I have been using the first box of story cubes a lot recently. I talked about these in more details here at the end of 2012. I have used these to generate a lot of plots when the players manage to go majorly off the reservation or I need a filler plot. When I'm playing, I roll the dice, change a few around that really don't fit with what I am doing and then try to fit them into a plot. This have proven to be a real big help when I haven't got a plot. So, knowing there are a few more sets out there I thought I would get some more.
I ended up buying all of them when I found them relatively cheap online. I'll go through them all eventually but I thought I would start with what I thought was the most useful set, Voyages. these have a lot of archetypal symbols on them. This is good because you can find the ideas easier. they fit in well with most genres and eras si they can get used in a lot of different games. I would almost go as far as saying that this should be the set to buy first. Well almost, the original orange box is a bit less esoteric but the two are an excellent match

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