Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bonus Post

I have been busy today so I thought I'd do a quick update. The blog has had a good day, nearly 250 posts. It's had about 2000 hits in the last fortnight. This is despite me feeling like poop. Still, I have had a sniff of my mojo today.

Having done some inking of figures today, I decided that I am still not up to painting. I still had something of an urge to make some progress though. If you read the blog you will know my least favourite thing about doing minis is the basing.
As you can see I have done some basing. Not a lot. Nothing is finished but there is a lot of stuff a lot closer to being finished than it was yesterday.


  1. It's still a colorful pic, and caught my eye making me interested.

    1. Thanks. It would appear you were not the only one. It looks like last night was the busiest my blog has ever been, Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Had a look at your blog and was pretty impressed.