Saturday, 22 February 2014

Putting Some New Life Into Some Old Zombies

I used to be a terrible painter. Then about eight years ago the figures I was painting started to look a lot less like blobs. There was a pro painter whose nickname was dauber, so I figured if he could make a living at it, then I could get better too.

These are what I have done so far.
Zombies with guns. Don't worry they can't shoot that well.
About seven years ago I was painting 28mm zombies. As many as I could get hold off, which at the time wasn't so many. So I thought I would touch a few up. That is in the painting sense and not the sense that Dave would make.

Copplestone Castings, who make all of these, so some cracking minis. The Future Wars range is one of my all time faves and I keep meaning to buy some more. The two packs of zombies they do contain some of the best zombies ever made in my humble opinion. It is only a shame that they didn't do some more.

As well as the before and after pictures, you can compare them to those in this post from June 2012. That takes me back. I do like my 15mm zombies. That said, people are wanting to skirmish in 28mm at the moment so maybe I'll stick with these for a bit longer. Maybe, I'll even touch up a few more and post some pics.  I was getting a bit bored with the Vikings.

It is getting to the end of February and I need to find a few more things to post about or I will fail to meet my unofficial target for the month.I'll see what the next days bring.


  1. Nice job. I only have the trooper zombies and not the plague ones. They are excellent figures though I must admit. I have a fair few of them.

    I think if some civilian zombies where made they'd do well.

  2. Thanks. I like the whole range and keep thinking I should buy some more. Then I get distracted by other shiny things. I want to get back into doing some zombie gaming as well as role playing.