Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dwarves - Some Work In Progress

I think I just hit forty thousand hits so today is a good day. Not so good that I want to make it an extra post but good enough.

This is really a work in progress post. I haven't finished much off in the last week but I am trying to get some things up on the web so that I feel like I am making progress. I have been out gaming today, playing Nuts. It's a WW2 game but more of that another day.

I always liked the Grenadier fantasy miniatures. I have been thinking about buying some off Mirliton but when I found these on eBay, I thought what the hell. I am currently working on eight of them and I think there are about another dozen to go. They don't look like much now but I am pretty sure that they will polish up quite nicely.
I was hoping to get something either dark age or Norse looking and to be honest these will do nicely for that. There is a lot of mail and a bit too much plate but it does mean that they should be a fairly easy paint job.

Today, for me the war is over. Valentine's day is coming earlier in my house so I think I won't be doing much of anything else for the rest of the day.

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