Friday, 7 February 2014


I am not really sure how I will be able to use these in any game I have planned. They don't really fit in the Norse myth model but they might be shoe horned in there somewhere. But...they were cheap on eBay a while back and cheap has a quality all of it's own. I thought they would be a nice quick win because it was a simple paint job with only seven colours in total. They are nice minis, as the Foundry stuff always is. I have gone for traditional look. I am never a big fan of feet and think that the more traditional cloven hoof would have worked better. That said, the eyes and teeth worked out really nicely. The colour was thrown off better by orange ink rather than red.

Hopefully there will be more tomorrow.


  1. They would make great Norse trolls or, depending upon how big they are, either Fire Giants or "Sons of Muspel"

  2. I hadn't thought of them as fire giants. But that is a good idea. They have a purpose in the game which I like. Sadly I may have to buy some more now.

    Most players seem to get twitchy when the bad guys figures are bigger than they are. These are just big enough to keep the players on their toes. Plus they are red...and no one likes demons. I know that this may be a little simplistic but as a rule of thumb, but big red and demonic usually works.

    I am not sure if that last paragraph makes the players or me sound dumbest. :-)