Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Well I have actually finished something. Aside from the basing obviously. These are some Gripping Beast berserkers. To my eye they look pretty good. With the upcoming Viking game (yawn, sorry) I was after more unusual figures. I intend to borrow some so what I was after were the more unusual types that people are not going to have in their armies and these are some of them. I have some more berserk types which are next in the paint queue so hopefully these should be posted here soon.

I need to start working on some terrain too. As it's going to be a savage worlds game, I am planning on making the terrain with grids on. I posted a picture of the celtic cross the other day. I think I am going to remove the base and place the cross on something a bit more amenable for gaming, like gridded foam core.

I.m also working on some Skyrim/Viking adventure deck cards. I am probably not going to do as many as I did for the Fallout game but there should still be a deck full.

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