Monday, 3 February 2014

Booty Haul

The Viking game is now set to start in May so I guess it's time that I really get on with it. I have been working on some ideas for the RPG and developing a rule set for Savage Worlds. So the trip to York yesterday was all about getting some more stuff for that. I was after some more dark age civilian types so I got a pack from Foundry. I was also after some farm animals. This will give the players something to pillage. So I got some cows, pigs and from Gripping Beast. I al found that they were doing some buildings so I got a couple of them. I have to say that when I compare them to the old PMC/new Caliver building, they come out a lot more expensive, much less weighty and unpainted.
I like my casualty markers so I got a pack called Carrion Regardless from Warlord. Lastly, I got a few bits from Ainsty which is where I seem to be spending a lot of my money when I go to shows. The main purchase was a huge Celtic cross but I also got a couple of water troughs and some trade goods.

On top of this were some more foam trays. Most of the people I game with seem to be developing large collections of foam trays. I had really bothered buying a lot of storage until I started going to club games again.

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