Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Another Monday Gone - Another Zombie Game

Had a lot of fun in Andy's zombie game again last night. We went back to the farm we went to last week to try and see if we could get a car started. With no luck. We did manage to get some more stuff done though. This time without the use of firearms.
That was me on the left. Having valiantly lead the charge, the moaning zombies got me and my character decided to take up a covering position, as it were although he did get close enough eventually to deliver a killing blow.

The guy with the Molotov at the back belongs to Jason. My character doesn't like his much as the character is more than a little bit dodgy although Jason himself is a top bloke. the character has a tendency to run off (not here obviously where he was decidedly dragging his feet). he did go off scouting later with another speedy member of the party only to find the old adage about not having to outrun the bear, just having to outrun your mate works in RPGs as it does in real life and they ran into ten rather hungry dogs. The rest of the party, after a turn or two of discussion, decided to charge in and save the day. Pity for his sake the zombies in this game don't go for brains as they wouldn't even notice him.


  1. Lol nice report of your game. Sounds like the DM needs to throw in some zombies popping out of closets and hte like to catch him out.

    1. The referee has a plan. That scares me. I plan to make sure that we stick together as a group. That way the zombies have a chose of who to much on if they get close.