Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Getting Close To Not Posting Today - Writing Is Fun

Giving yourself a goal is a good thing. It keeps you motivated. There is a reason for plodding on. The number of times I have heard from people in my family that when you retire you die for some reason hits me hard. I am a long way of retirement, unless things change, but I still like to have something to keep me going.

For years now I have been writing. It has always been my ambition to get something published. I mean properly published, not self published or something online. Now that I have something written down I am error checking it. As I am a either a little bit dsylexixic or I have a problem with typing (my fingers seldom seem to type what my brain tells them to do). So proofreading and error checking is mostly very entertaining.

So I am about twenty percent into error checking my first magnum opus (note the ego). It's a post apocalyptic bestiary for the UK, specifically London. It's only about five years in the making. Now I am looking at format and art. That is even more fun.

If anyone has any suggestions that might help, I'm all ears.


  1. First off, I totally agree with your philosophy Fred, and secondly, congratulations on your progress with what sounds like a terrific goal!
    As for suggestions, the only thing that springs to mind is to get someone else to proofread - the brain plays tricks and you read what you THINK you've written (also it tells you that what you read is right, because YOU wrote it!)

    1. The trouble I am having finding someone to proof read it is finding someone who understands. I agree with the fact that I am too close to it, I think most writers are.

  2. If you're serious about the writing, and why shouldn't you be, then I recommend you update your knowledge base on the publishing industry by reading these articles:

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    1. I've now read about three of these. Ouch. I see this more as a self published straight to DriveThru RPG kind of thing. Maybe make a bit of money on the side. Really it is about getting something done.